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About Us

Shanghai Yuanben Magnetoelectric Tech. Co., Ltd., established in 2001, is a professional company, engaged in the design and production of magnetic sensors (fluid parameter measurement and control, and movement, direction, distance and speed sensors). As the pioneer of the magnetic switches sensor, Yuanben has been awell-known sensor supplier in the China, widely recognized after 15 years of development. We have developed intelligent sensor, many kinds interface can beselected, such as RS-485, Device-Net, Profibus-DP,CC-link and Sercos, Canopen etc.

By now, our main customers include Kelong, Meiling, Xinfei, Pentair, Grundfos, Carrier, Hisense, Midea and Hitachi instruments, while our products are exported to South Korea, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Britain, Germany, the United States, Brazil and other regions.

Yuanben designs and manufactures various kinds of standardized and customized products of fluid parameter measurement and control, including liquid level switches, flow switches, pressure switches, temperature sensors, explosion-proof temperature switches, antifreeze switches, temperature transmitters, flow sensors. The products are widely used in heat exchange system fluid parameter measurement and control, such as engine cooling water system, cooling system for laser welding and high frequency welding equipment, gas heat exchange equipment,large power equipment cooling system, heat pump heat exchanger, screw compressor, geothermal HVAC equipment and medical equipment fields.

As a manufacturer (OEM speed sensor manufacturer) of movement, direction, distance and speed sensors, Yuanben also provides magnetic speed sensors, variable reluctance (VR) speed sensors, Hall-effect zero speed sensors and magnetoresistive sensors, magnetic proximity switches and Hall proximity switches. Our magnetic speed sensors and Hall-effect zero speed sensors serve for process automation, flow measurement, oil field, construction, mining, automotive, rail,marine applications. Our sensors are also widely used in high and low temperatures, harsh vibration environment, such as diesel engines and diesel generators, turbine flowmeter, the traction motormarket (OEM replacement), the mining equipment and automotive markets.

Yuanben provides you with customized professional technical supports for your project design and manufacturing, offers the right solution for your problemsencountered in the design, and reduces the product development risk. We will provide innovative products and design, according to your individual requirements, with our flexible manufacturing system, in order to help you be ahead of schedule, shorten product launch cycle and win a high reputation.

Yuanben offers vital technical supports and suggestions of products and systems at the point of application engineering. Our R & D team simulates the actual application environment and performs rigorous environmental testing. Each sensor is 100%pre-tested for specifications from liquid to gas, from cryogenic to high temperature and from vacuum to high-pressure systems.

Yuanben believes in the business philosophy that we pursue continuous innovation, creat customer values, and meet customer satisfaction.

Yuanben adopts lean manufacturing operation, 6S visual management, standard work and signage, while implementing quality control at every stage. Our products have been pre-tested during the manufacturing processes to ensure they meet the needs of market, serve stable reliable performance and create values for OEM customers.

Yuanben manufacturing process is ISO9001:2008 certification; the products have passed the CQC and CCC, CE, ETL certification, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Electrical Products Explosion-proof center EX explosion-proof certification and complied with EU RoHS directives.

By continuous technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, Yuanben has applied for a large number of patented products. Our new product development involves a process identification, solving the potential process problems, eliminating product and process changes, in order to ensure it meets all key parameters. At present, we have developed a micro differential pressure switches and pressure sensors,magnetic navigation sensor and address reader for AGV, magnetic encoder for Robotics, temperature and speed composite sensor measure and control temperature and speed of rotational unit.

Nowadays, the application of our products continues to expand to industrial automation equipments, as our products and technologies mature by degrees.

Yuanben becomes the preferred partner of industrial equipment supplier and equipment manufacturer, because we always strive to exceed customers'expectations. We make it: understand customers' needs and goals; understand your unique perspective and requirements.

Whether you contact us through our Internet web site, e-mail, fax or phone, you can communicate directly with our engineering and technical staffs, who have technical backgrounds and understand your needs. Customized products can be delivered in twoweeks or less, with prompt delivery, short delivery duration and one-year warranty period.

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