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A capacitive fuel level sensor with a GPS tracker for tank fuel monitoring
Feb 27, 2017

It can continuously detect the fuel level, the resolution is less than 1mm

It can be installed with a simple flange, no extra screws are required

Wide voltage input to ensure that there is no voltage limit in any case


1) can be cut according to the height of the fuel tank

2) The integrated structure without any elastic components, also supports a variety of signal output

3) button on-site calibration, very convenient

4) Wide supply voltage input

Collection principle: capacitance

Size: 100mm to 1500mm

Electrical parameters: Input DC 4-70V

Power consumption: 0.13W / 5V, 0.19W / 12V, 0.38W / 24V

Signal output (customizable):

Voltage output: 0-5V / digital output: RS-232 / RS-485 / analog

Resistance output: 10-500Ω / current output: 4-20mA

Communication baud rate: 2400,4800,9600,57600,115200

Liquid type detection: diesel, biodiesel, kerosene, gasoline and so on

Material: aluminum alloy


1. Waterproof design, IP67 waterproof design, to adapt to different types of environment

2. High accuracy, accuracy of 0.5%, which means that when measuring 100L fuel error of 0.5L

3. Integrated design to prevent personal injury

4. Product size is 100mm-1500mm, which is suitable for most tank testing requirements

5. Easy to install


It is widely used in fuel consumption solutions such as: bus fleet, fleet, base station generator fuel consumption remote monitoring:

1. Real-time oil level data, including: the remaining oil, real-time fuel consumption diagram, easy direct analysis of fuel consumption

2. Alarm function: low oil level alarm, abnormal fuel consumption alarm

3. Management report: add fuel time / volume, abnormal consumption time and volume.

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