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Fundamentals of sensors & application
Oct 19, 2016

In the study of basic science, the sensor has a more prominent place. The development of modern science and technology, into many new areas: for example, on the macro-universe to see thousands of light years away, to observe the particles as small as cm on the micro-world, vertically to see hundreds of thousands of years of evolution of celestial bodies, short the instant reaction to s. In addition, also appeared to deepen understanding, develop new energy, new materials, study of extreme technology plays an important role in, such as high temperature, low temperature, high pressure and ultra high vacuum, super strong magnetic field, weak magnetic Dang, and so on. Obviously, to get a lot of the human senses cannot directly get information, did not fit the sensor is out of the question. Many of the barriers to basic scientific research, first is that access to information is difficult, and some new mechanism and emergence of high sensitivity sensor, often lead to breakthroughs in the field. Number of sensor development, often is a pioneer of interdisciplinary development.

Sensors have already penetrated into areas such as industrial production, space exploration, ocean exploration, environmental protection, resources, research, medical diagnostics, biotechnology or even the protection of cultural relics, extremely broad field. You can say, from the vast space, to the vastness of the oceans, as well as a variety of complex engineering systems, almost every modernization project, are inseparable from the various sensors.

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