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Temperature sensor type and direction
Oct 19, 2016

Temperature sensor is the most common sensor in industrial production. It will be the temperature of a body into electrical signal output, it is simple in structure, wide measuring range, good stability, high accuracy. Temperature sensors of different production methods, common type of thermistor, thermocouple, and integration products. Its development has gone through from split, integrating simulation into intelligent stage. Now not only temperature temperature sensor signal output can also be integrated humidity measurement, signal output from a single signal into a variety of output forms, you can make long distance communication, data required for records, limit alarm and automatic control and other features.
Thermoelectric and non-standard standard thermocouple thermocouple occasionally two, strictly follow the standard thermocouple EMF and temperature relationship before, and there is a serial number, the error is within the allowed range. Non-standard thermocouples are usually produced according to special needs of, it does not have no uniform standards in the measuring range, no indexing.
Thermal resistance is the most used platinum resistance and thermal resistance of copper, platinum resistance temperature measurement range, higher accuracy. Platinum resistance and thermal resistance of copper of the resistance and the temperature value has a uniform standard. Rt=R0[1+-α (t-t0)], it is only concerned with the initial temperature and temperature coefficient of the material.

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