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Application Of Temperature And Humidity Sensor In The Flower Greenhouses
Oct 19, 2016

Artificial climate, greenhouse environment, the direct effects of temperature and humidity values particularly in cash crop seedling growth of crops. Temperature and humidity sensors, it will automatically record the temperature and humidity values, real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity conditions, and through the Intelligent analysis software for PC to record the numerical output in graphic form to facilitate administrator management. And bring your own alarm, when the level of temperature and humidity exceeds the set limit, alarm, automatic response, reminding staff of regulating greenhouse or nursery room temperature and humidity in the environment. Electronic temperature and humidity recorder to simplify your work, and will also save costs and are not subject to too much human interference, objectively reflecting the recording process.

Sensor is the first link of the measurement and control of greenhouse flower greenhouses, is a key part of temperature and humidity monitor and control system, if there is no sensor for accurate capture and convert the original signal, the system cannot achieve the required functions. Automated measurement and control in industrial processes, most rely on a variety of sensors to detect and control the parameters of the production process, allowing the system to work in the best condition.

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