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Cold Chain Monitoring Systems Need To Meet The Requirements Of What
Oct 19, 2016

1, the communication distance long enough. Refrigerated trucks from 4 m to close to 15 metres in length, measure the contents needs to take into account the structure of temperature and humidity in the air outlet set up multiple measurement point Terminal, location of doors and Windows, thus different distance Terminal distance data transfer measuring points are different, this requires that the measurement point Terminal and data relay communications between the distance you can reach the actual distance. Very short communication distance wireless transmission technologies such as Bluetooth communications could not be completed.
2, signal penetrating power. Stringent temperature monitoring measurement point Terminal sensor (or sensor) into stockpiling of vaccines, blood products and other goods in metal boxes, usually see transmission of cold chain monitoring systems cannot penetrate metal box, blocking the real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity within the enclosure. Selected signal penetration ability monitoring system, in a metal casing, or interfere with larger transport environment, real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity information.
3, set of system software. Cold chain monitoring system should allow users to both computers temperature and humidity data and the cab can easily view, accurately render the data curves inside refrigerated trucks in the first change of temperature and humidity, and in exceptional cases immediately issued an alert.

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