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How To Effectively Monitor The Room Temperature And Humidity
Oct 19, 2016

Factors of room temperature and humidity is determined by temperature and humidity. When the temperature is too high, it will cause the machine to heat dissipation features may not function properly, thus affecting the stability and reliability of the circuit, which may cause damage to the components.
Air humidity in the room is too large, will lead to rusting of metal parts of equipment and cause circuit performance degradation of the insulation, thus affecting the reliability and lifetime of the equipment, serious, may cause a short circuit and damage parts, accidents. Meanwhile, in order to prevent static electricity, the safety factor of the equipment are not affected, the engine room air is not too dry.
Many SMEs in the engine room without messy room equipment distribution caused by little unprofessional, the engine room staff functions are not definite, usually managers need to manage both the engine room equipment, ancillary equipment and plant environment, such as managing servers, databases, storage devices, switches, routers, UPS, air conditioning, electrical, and environmental parameters. Event of failure of the engine room will bring a great deal of loss, so install a monitoring system for small and medium sized room is necessary.

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