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Principle And Measuring Method Of Humidity Sensor
Oct 19, 2016

1. humidity sensor-introduction
Humidity sensor is the amount moisture can be converted easily measure signal of equipment or installation. Temperature and humidity sensors on the market is to measure the temperature and relative humidity. Most commonly used in daily life represents a physical quantity is the relative humidity of air humidity. Represented by%RH. In the physical volume of exports on relative humidity and temperature have a close relationship. A certain volume of closed gas, the lower the temperature the higher the relative humidity, lower the temperature, the higher the relative humidity.
2. principle--measurement method of humidity sensor
Reason of humidity measurement technology for a long time. With the development of technology, there has been rapid development of modern measurement technology. Humidity measurement principle, divided into 20 or 30 of them. Method for humidity absolute humidity, relative humidity, dew point, humidity and dry air ratio (weight or volume), and so on. Common methods of humidity measurements are: dynamic (two pressure, two-temperature, shunt), static (saturated salt and sulfuric acid), dew point method, method of wet and dry bulb and a variety of electronic sensors.

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